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Where Monsters Dream collaborates with new artists throughout the year. We are excited to share the work of the following artist with you!



Born in North Beach, San Francisco, Craig lived in New York in the 80’s through the early 90’s, where he was a graffiti music video artist. Now based in Los Angeles, he has worked over 25 years as an artist for the movie industry. Craig is currently concentrating on his personal art. His recent paintings reflect his great love of Japanese gangster movies and “outside” cultures throughout the world.

July 2023

RSVP for Aug 12th and meet the Artist at the Opening show for "Outside Cultures"

Ito collaborated with Craig on a limited edition of signature clothing pieces that incorporate his recent Japanese movie gangster paintings. You can see his work and the collaboration at our shop, Where Monsters Dream, 701 E. 3rd St. #110, LA CA 90013

You can Contact Craig at:


Aileen Lin - CYUN
Fashion Apprentice, L.A., CA


CYUN’s S/S23 capsule collection is Inspired by the legend of the Flower Monster, a mythical creature who has been seeking the most beautiful flowers in the world, but eventually realizes that the flowers are always behind it.

This story represents the essence of the CYUN brand, which embodies the concept of the circle, symbolizing the cyclical nature of life. The collection is designed by Aileen Lin, who draws inspiration from traditional Chinese culture and combines a modern aesthetic, creating a unique and timeless fashion experience.
April 2023

CYUN is apprenticing with Ito, and we are enjoying seeing her design ideas come to life!


Her S/S23 capsule collection is available exclusively at Where Monsters Dream.

Yellow Thread Studio

Sandra Frantz, Sculptor and Textile Artist, Featured At Where Monsters Dream, Los Angeles, CA

Lives in San Francisco. Her work reflects her life-long love of fiber and often includes ink, watercolor and found objects. Her pieces are whimsical, created spontaneously as she allows the design to


Sometimes she approaches her work with a precise vision of what she wants to create

which results in a longer, thoughtful process.

She enjoys the rhythms associated with the different mediums; the winding and

threading of fibers, the drilling of bones and the brush work of watercolors and inked pieces.

You can view more of her work online at:

And follow her on Instagram at: @yellowthreadstudio 

Sandra's work is currently on exhibit and available for purchase at Where Monsters Dream.


Northern, CA

DeAnn has a wonderful sense physical and energetic balance in her sculptures, incorporating ethically sourced natural bones, feathers and stones. 

We are excited to feature her signature  sculptures as well as her new abstract series, explorations in India and alcohol ink paintings.

Exclusively at Where Monsters Dream.

About DeAnn Duteil
"I have been many things but it has always been about creativity."


"As I’m drawn in by the materials, they guide me to create what they want to become and in the process their gift to me is the joyful opportunity to lose myself in the creative energy!"

You can follow her on Instagram at: birthdeath.and.otherfairytales

DeAnn's work is currently on exhibit and available for purchase at Where Monsters Dream.


Lullaby League
ambient music project for the ageless.
Evan Sornstein

Evan is a San Francisco based musician and artist with a rich and varied history of musical projects. Over the years, evan has developed a language all his own, that encapsulates his unique observations of interconnectedness and the wonder in the world around him, and gives form to it’s ephemeral nature.

One can easily lose themselves in the textural dream worlds that Evan creates with his musical projects.

For Where Monsters Dream, Evan worked with themes of memory, fleeting fragments, perception of being; capturing the sense, spirit and feel and enlivening the space of our dream world with hidden jewels of sound that add depth and interpretation to the environment.

More about Evan’s most recent musical project:

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